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Light Green Cord Sets Dress


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Size A (inch ) B (inch ) C (inch )
S 25.98 20.00 32.99
M 26.97 21.97 33.98
L 27.99 23.98 35.00
XL 28.98 25.98 35.98
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Light Green Cord Sets Dress-

Product Description:-
Brand: Deewardrobe
Material: 100% cotton
Color: Light-Green
Dimensions: – S, M, L, XL
Delivery Time: 1 Week
Shipping: Free Shipping
Product Quantity: 1

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Online Cord Sets Dress Women:-

There can be no better way to wow everyone with your perfectly coordinated look than by choosing a matching dress. Cord Sets dress Women are great because they take the hassle out of finding and matching different ones, making you the simple task of finding a piece of clothing for women that showcases your unique style and personality.

And it doesn’t matter what kind of look you want—there’s somewhere a matching two-piece outfit that suits you day and night. Co-ordinating dresses are ideal for brunches, lunches and fancy events where you want to rock your glam.

Contemporary apparel for women has seen a major change – practically everything about it has gone through a significant transformation whether it is the fabric, form, cut, style and design. We at Chord recognize this and our endeavor is to create a global style that appeals to the fashion conscious across the globe.

As the world rapidly shrinks, we are growing closer, with greater access to each other and to each other’s perspectives and lifestyles. This obviously affects our outfit. Women’s fashion illustrates this simple point as it draws influences from cultures, current events and performers around the world too!

As soon as women started wearing pants, figuratively and literally, a whole new world of apparel and accessories opened up. We at Cord love how trousers, or down wears for women, as they are sometimes called, in all their glory, become a staple of women’s closets and their journey in life. become a favorite companion. Cord Sets Dress



L, M, S, XL


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